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Our History

The Twin Lights Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by volunteers in Highlands, New Jersey, that helped save this National Landmark from ruin in 1955. Today, the Society is a Officially Recognized Friends Organization with The New Jersey State Park Service, who owns and operates the site. Our mission is to share the illustrious history found here at the Twin Lights.

Quick Overview of Twin Lights Timeline


Our Society has much to be thankful for…

The NJ State Park Service is investing in preserving the structures, improving access and visitor experience and interpreting the history here


Visitors and members are our Society’s greatest source of financial support. Our programs are also made possible in part by the Monmouth County Historical Commission through funding from the New Jersey Historical Commission.


In 2021, our Society was awarded a grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust to retain the Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability (CUES) at Rutgers University School of Landscape Architecture to create the Twin Lights View Shed Historic Site Management Plan. This plan will help guide the implementation of landscape improvements to our site that incorporate environmental best practices and improve visitor experience. This was made possible in part through funding from the New Jersey Historic Trust. 


And finally, a special thanks to our many volunteers who help to keep the site open for visitors, and are always working to make your online experience so much more enriching.


Join us on Facebook, or subscribe on our website to our catalog of themed blog posts about the rich history surrounding the Twin Lights, Highland Beach, Highlands, navigation, wireless communications, optics, popular culture and more. 

This is not your typical lighthouse.

The Highlands of Navesink overlook the entrance to New York Bay and, as suggested by their name, these hills are some of the highest points along the eastern seaboard of the United States. Due to their geography, the Highlands have through the years been used in many diverse ways to preside over shipping traffic entering New York Harbor.


Visual History: Photo Gallery

Check out our photo gallery for a collection of images that make up our visual history. A collection of Twin Lights captured over the years.

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