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  Store & Privacy Policies  

Dear Customer,

As a small, volunteer-run, non-profit museum, we appreciate the financial support your purchase provides.  We kindly ask that you refrain from returning items.  If you are unhappy or have an issue with your purchase, please email us at

Customers have up to 30 days from purchase date to return a product if it is defective or damaged.  Receipt required.  Product must be unworn, in original packaging. 

The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling fees to return a product. Refunds do not include shipping and handling charges shown on the invoice or packing slip. Customer is responsible for any loss or damage to a product during shipment. 

Please mail the item to the following address: 
Twin Lights Museum Store
2 Light House Rd, Highlands, NJ 07732


The Twin Lights Historical Society collects personal information including email address and payment information.  This information allows Twin Lights Historical society to keep users updated about latest news, site updates, privacy and return policy updates and to deliver our products. The Twin Lights Historical Society does not share or sell your data.

PayPal and credit card services (“Third Party Transaction Services”), collect and utilize user’s personal data and have their own terms and policies for data collection, which are separate from the Twin Lights Historical Society‘s policy’s. Data may be shared via these Third Party Transaction Services when a user makes a donation or purchase transaction on our site. For each such transaction, information is protected by these Third Party Transaction Services under their terms and conditions, as it is a transaction offsite. 

Cookies are used to track visitors and cache their information for a better website experience.
The Twin Lights Historical Society uses security services provided by Wix to secure users’ data during the sign up and/or checkout processes.

To protect payment information, our website uses HTTPS/TLS encryption to protect user data during the checkout process. For more information please visit 

Sign-up and login information is secured by encrypting data to protect the personal information of site users. For more information, please visit

Photographs of individuals on our website have been taken with the consent of those being photographed.

Please contact the Twin Lights Historical Society directly, regarding the museum store or general business inquiries.

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