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The Lost Highland Beach Resort

There have been a lot of stories about William Sandlass and the famed Sandlass Beach resort of the Golden Age era in the news and on Facebook lately, with historian Walt Guenther announcing he has found a great 26-page pamphlet apparently put out even before Mr. Sandlass created his wonderful summer recreational area beneath the glow of the Twin Lights across the river in Highlands. Walt said the 26 page pamphlet probably dates to 1890, just before the Sandlasses first leased, later bought the property. It refers to the soon to be built bridge of the 1890s that would connect Sea Bright and Highlands Cross the Shrewsbury River and also talks about Ferdinand Fish and the Highland Beach Improvement Company. Susan Sandlass Gardiner’s wonderful book outlining and describing the exciting summers at Sandlass Beach, “Sandy Hooks Lost Highland Beach Resort” is a wonder of numerous tales about fun and frolic in the early 1900s at the first recreation area along the New Jersey coast that had access to the ocean. So this is a great time to visit the Twin Lights Museum and view the Highlands exhibits in the museum’s auditorium. There is a wonderful story and wall exhibit of Mr. Sandlass himself. If you like al the stories in the Exhibit Room, then also visit the Museum Gift Shop where you can pick up a copy of Susan’s book and learn even more about how the land and sea below the Twin Lights were all a vital part of an environment that could not be matched….history, recreation, protection for those at sea, and a small, close knit community of hard working watermen.


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