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Twin Lights Receives Grant from New Jersey Arts and Culture Recovery Fund

The Twin Lights Historical Society received great news this month when it was announced we had received a $9,600 grant from the NJ Arts and Culture Recovery Fund. That will go a long way towards helping to offset payroll expenses. Thanks to President Jeff Tyler for applying for this grant, we are one of nine non-profit organizations in Monmouth County to get this badly needed help.

We were also fortunate to receive a couple of other grants as well, one a $6,000 in PPP loans, and the other a $5,000 grant from the NJ Council on the Humanities. Both are helping fill the gap we still have in the budget due to the loss of our two primary sources of income over the Coronavirus Pandemic mandated closing, sales from our Museum Store on site and cash donations in the donation boxes in our buildings.

However, the good news is the grants also made it possible for us to build a new website and we now have our online Museum Store, which has been active since December and has been received quite well. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend, a great book on local history, or just a memento for yourself and your love of the Twin Lights.

President Tyler, however, is ever the optimist, as we all are very excited about re-opening our wonderful Museum and Museum Store which we think will be in the near future. “When our doors reopen, we urge our visitors to be very generous when they can once again provide us with cash donations and Museum Store purchases that help keep us in business,” he said. “While we have an entire year of losses we still have to make up, we ask the public to check out our new website where they can donate and purchase items from our Museum Store.” The Society knows the generosity of our friends, and the love we all have for the Twin Lights and its unsurpassed exhibits, so we’re all confident that with a busy season, albeit starting a bit late, we will be able to survive and continue to be a source of pride and interest for all who love and visit the Twin Lights.


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