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Your Chance to Volunteer

In preparation for what we hope will be the re-opening of the Twin Lights Museum soon, so many of our volunteers have already told us how happy they are to be thinking about getting back at what they love to do. As a result, we only have a couple more openings for new volunteers to join our Twin Lights Historical Society family, so interested persons should make their applications soon.

All our volunteers will be wearing masks, in keeping with present protocols and to ensure safety for our guests and staff. All of our current volunteers are also vaccinated. And for further safety, our staff has already installed panels of Plexiglas at the gift shop just to be sure. Staff is constantly sanitizing railings and door knobs and that will continue throughout the season. Once the Museum opens, together with the terrific gift shop which has some unusual and very attractive items for sale, we are looking for a couple of volunteers who would like to come in Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jenna Paterno, whom the Society just retained full time, both for her exuberance and knowledge as well as her great love for the Twin Lights, has created a neat little volunteer manual making it easy to get into the stream of things right away. With Jenna’s help, our volunteers quickly become knowledgeable about the Twin Lights and ready to please all our visitors with their friendly smiles, their ease in operating the cash register and their ability to direct everyone to the exhibits they seek, the outdoor buildings they want to visit, and of course, the tower.

If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact or call 732-872-1814.


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